March 2007 - Vol 1, Issue 3
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Spring is a time for renewal!
Has spring made you think about renewing your web site? Maybe getting a fresh new design?

Did you know that Back2Front offers redesign services to our clients for the equivalent of update fees? Yes, a whole new look could cost as little as $5 per page!

Your web site should evolve and change as does your business. As new product lines are developed and new services offered, new pages should be added to your web site. When your business shifts its focus, the look and feel of the web site may need to change in order to better appeal to the new target market. Or maybe your clients have driven your business in a direction you did not expect when you first built your web site?

Change is a reality of business, and Back2Front is here to make changing your web site fast, easy, and cost effective. From a few simple text changes to a complete redesign we do it all - as part of our on-going service to you! If you are considering major updates or a redesign of your web site - just let us know! That's what we are here for!
  - Candace Carter

Email Newsletter Services

Back2Front now offers E-Newsletter Services to our web site clients.
If you regularily send emails out to a list of more than 50 people you should take a look at how much easier this task can be when you use a professional service.

  • Have a professional newsletter that looks like your web site.
  • People sign up for your newsletter automatically from your web site.
  • Send your newsletter to only a subsection of your list - easily!
  • Add names without worrying about duplicating names or adding back someone who has opted out.
  • No need to send out fractions of your list at a time to avoid being blocked by your ISP.

Back2Front has partnered with Constant Contact to provide you with an easier way to promote your web site via email!

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Our Newest Clients
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Web Site Know How
Domain Names (part 1)
The art and science of choosing a domain name.

Choosing a domain name is one of the first tasks one must undertake when getting a new web site. The name you choose could have a significant impact on the future success of the web site, and as a result, your business. But as with other marketing decisions, this choice is made with more art than science.

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Web Site Promotion Tips
Business Networking
Web site promotion and business promotion go hand in hand. At Back2Front we see proof of this as we compile the detailed statistics reports we send out each month. We can tell which of our clients are actively marketing their business when we see an increase in relevant traffic to their web sites.
However, marketing effectively without spending a fortune is the biggest challenge new and small businesses face. So how do the successful ones do it?
Well, one way that is working for many of our clients and for us at Back2Front is... Networking.

There are so many networking groups and opportunities in the GTA that you could make this your full-time job! However many business owners are not aware of the existence of these groups, or the benefits of participating. Since the best way to find out is to go to one, included below are links to some of the networking groups I attend on behalf of Back2Front:

The Best and the Worst
In this section we will show you examples of the best or the worst in web site design from around the World Wide Web.

Taking a web site down for routine maintenance is an astonishingly common practice. I say astonishing primarily because I am astonished that any web site owner allows it!

At Back2Front we think that purposely taking a web site down for any reason (short of the owner shutting down his business) is unacceptable - and you should too. Your web site is your 24/7 customer care and sales presence, there is no good reason to be without it, once you have it.

Back2Front has redundant backup servers and development environments so that we never have to take a site down to work on it. We always work on a separate private server where we can do thorough testing and where our clients can proof read all new work before it is "published" to the public site.

Small web site companies may not have the resources that Back2Front does, so they may occasionally have to work on a site while it is live in the public eye. But if they know their stuff, they should be able to minimize errors and down time to the point where a page like this would never have to be shown.

If your service provider is doing this to your web site - maybe it is time to move to Back2Front!

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Candace Carter
Back2Front - The Web Site People
phone: 905 649 6671