Sept 2007 - Vol 1, Issue 5
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Hello Candace Carter,

September means back to school, and judging by the number of new clients Back2Front has picked up recently, it also means time to think about web sites. Luckily, we hired 4 excellent new staff members in July!

Interestingly, 3 of our new staff members were previously operating their own web design companies. They have confirmed for us what we already knew: operating a web design company all by yourself is extremely difficult. It is impossible for one person alone to know everything necessary for providing top notch web site service. We know that they will have more fun and less stress woking with us!

If you or someone you know is struggling to make a small web design business work - give us a call. Working for Back2Front could be the better way!

  - Candace Carter

How do you know if your web site is good for your business?
By first answering the question: "Why do you have a web site?"

Knowing why you have a web site in the first place will go a long way towards helping you decide what kind of web site you need, or whether or not the web site you already have is good for your business.

Read on...
Your Home page is critical to Search Engine Success.
Getting the most web site traffic possible and placing well on the major search engines is often a top priority with our clients. However, many are not aware of how critical the text on the home page of their site is in achieving this goal. They often ask us,"Can't you just use meta tags?" or, "Aren't there 'SEO tricks' you know that will get me top ranking without affecting my home page?"

The reality is that meta tags and SEO (search engine optimization) tricks that used to work are becoming less and less effective. Meta tags have been used by webmasters to provide misleading information to search engines, and most 'invisible SEO tricks' are based on this tactic as well. The search engine companies continually work to accurately index and rank web sites by identifying and avoiding misleading information. So, any tactic that uses this approach is doomed to fail in the long run.

The real 'trick' to SEO is to make your web site legitimately more attractive to your target audience than your competition. Identify your competitive edge and then talk about it using specific terms not generalizations on your home page. There is nothing more successful than good keyword rich text placed on your home page - when good search engine placement is the goal.

In this section we will show you examples of the best or the worst in web site design from around the World Wide Web.

Multi-language web sites are fairly common in Canada due to our 2 official languages. If you do business across this country, you may be tackling the French/English question as well:
How do you present 2 languages on one web site?

A common way is to use an intro/splash page that solely offers a choice to go to the French site or the English site (as demonstrated here:
Now, if you have been reading along, you will already know that not having text on your home page is an SEO impediment. However, the splash page technique has other drawbacks as well:

  1. It requires one more click for the visitor to get to useful content.
  2. Once you are on an internal page, you can't switch languages. You may think this is OK, unless you know that Francophones often search in English because of the greater number of English-language sites. If they land on one of your internal English pages, they may not even realize you have a French version of the site - since they never saw the home page!
  3. This method does not lend itself to the idea of multi-language domain names.
Back2Front Recommends:
The solution we propose to our clients is to have "English / Franšais" links at the top of the menu bar on all pages. Here is an example taken from one of our clients:

Notice how you can easily switch from one language to the other from any page of the web site, and how you can get directly to useful content with no extra clicks needed.
You can solve the problem of "which language is the default?" by acquiring two domain names (one in English and the other in French). This has the added benefit of allowing you to advertise your site in the appropriate language in language-specific situations (such as French news papers, etc).
Most importantly, you can avoid the negative impacts that a splash page can have on your user interface and SEO.

We are still hiring at Back2Front.
We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator and a Programmer.
If you would like a part-time, work-from-home opportunity (and 'sloppiness' is just not in your vocabulary), you could have what it takes to be a part of our team!
See our employment page for more details...
Here are a few of our most recent clients and their respective web sites:
You can check out Our Portfolio page for more examples...
Please let me know how you like this news letter, or if you have suggestions for future issues. I would love to hear from you!

Candace Carter
Back2Front - The Web Site People

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