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November 2008 - Vol 2, Issue 4
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Wow! Presenting at the Small Business Forum in Toronto (on October 20th) was a real eye opener!

I lead a round table discussion on the topic of "Internet Marketing". It was by far the most well attended of all the tables at the forum, and after over an hour of non-stop talking I still had people following me out with more questions!

The interest in this topic is insatiable! At Back2Front we try to keep our focus on the web site end of things - since that is where our expertise is - but a solid grounding in marketing basics is a prerequisite to understanding how to apply marketing principles to the Internet. So I often find myself teaching Marketing 101 before I can explain how marketing works on the web.

I'm happy to do it, and would like to be able to speak to everyone who needs my help. If you are part of a group that could benefit from hearing about Internet Marketing please contact me. In the mean time, the new article on SEO, the reading list on marketing, and the case study in this issue may help.

  - Candace Carter

Search Engine Optimization Demystified
Part 1 - The Players

As web site owners, we know that we must optimize our web sites for search engines. However, there is a lot of confusion, misunderstanding, myth, and even fraud in this area. To demystify this topic, and provide the tools to make intelligent, well-informed decisions for our web sites, it is useful to identify the main players, understand how search engines actually work and follow the money...
Read on...
Reading List

Marketing accounts for 30% to 50% of the time and money invested in your business. So understanding how marketing really works is important. You will not find dry academic theorizing in this list. These books have been useful in my education and offer unique perspectives presented in concrete, and sometimes entertaining ways. Pleasant reading!

Blue Ocean Strategy
If the competition is getting you down this is for you! A systematic approach "for making the competition irrelevant".
W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne.

Creating Customer Evangelists
How to use Loyal Customers as an evangelism marketing strategy.
Ben McConnell, Jackie Huba, Guy Kawasaki

Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good
Using his fame to extend his fortune and serve better spaghetti sauce!
Paul Newman, AE Hotchner

Business Stripped Bare
Richard Branson
A funny, rambling, first hand account of building one of the worlds most recognised brands. If you don't think big enough... read this.
Real examples of web site issues and how Back2Front's on-going management service works to solve them.

Jennifer Campbell of Heritage Memoirs operates a unique service business. She writes for her clients -primarily memoirs. She found that people were contacting her from the web site asking for things totally unrelated to her service. She wondered: what was she doing wrong?

After examining her home page I discovered the problem. The text was too generic, not localized, and did not have the kind of keywords that people were likely to use to find her service. The word "writer" was not even on the home page! It was beautifully written (she is a writer after all) but it was written for someone who was already on the web site. This seems reasonable, but it can be ineffective in bringing in new clients.
The top Keywords from her statistics reports looked like this:
  • memoirs
  • personal histories
  • project
  • heritage life stories
  • heritage memoirs
  • what fee to edit memoir
  • heritage memoirs uxbridge
  • heritage
Although "memoirs" looks like a successful hit, the person who used it may live in Austraila and may have been looking to read a memoir - not to get help writing one. "Heritage memoirs uxbridge" looks better but is likely someone who already knew about Jennifer. Better strings for new clients would be "memoir writer Toronto", "writing service Uxbridge", "ghost writer Stouffville". The goal is to make your text as specific as possible to prospects most likely to become your clients.

People who need help with writing will not necessarily look for the word "memoir" instead they will be looking for words like "writing service", "ghost writer", or "editor". "Ghost writer" may not be strictly accurate but if terms like this will be used to find you - include them!

A good technique to try is the "Mini Case Study". For example:
  • "I helped a woman in Port Perry Ontario to write her life story with horses so that she could pass on her memoir to her horse crazy granddaughter".

  • "I was privileged to ghost write the memoirs of the former Mayor of Uxbridge Ontario".
This technique provides relevant keywords without looking like a list of keywords. Also it will give your readers an idea of the various projects you have done in the past.

As well, instead of using well turned phrases as you would for ad copy, ask yourself: "what words do my prospects use to search for my service?" Rather than "Preserving your Memories for Generations" you will get better results with "Memoir Writing Service Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada".

We are currently working with Jennifer to update her web site according to these principles. If you are curious, check back soon to see the new copy!

Volunteer your site for our next Case Study!

Upcoming Public Presentations:

The 10 Biggest Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!
Aurora Chamber of Commerce
Lunch and Learn
Tuesday November 18th, 2008 - 12:00 to 1:30pm
Cost for Potential Members: $25

The 10 Biggest Web Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!
At Face Value Network
Evening meeting
Tuesday January 13th, 2009 - 6 to 9pm
Cost for Potential Members: $35

The Smart Woman's Guide to Web Sites
Enterprising Women Conference
Wednesday March 4th, 2009.
More details to come.
All proceeds raised through this event will go directly to support the Women's Centre of York Region.

Here are a few of our most recent clients and their respective web sites:

Check out Our Portfolio page for more examples...
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Candace Carter
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