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May 2008 - Vol 2, Issue 2
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Are you leaving Gaps in the Web?

Your potential clients are now searching the Internet rather than looking in telephone directories, reading the paper, or asking around - and for good reason! The Internet is fast and easy to search, and you can compare offerings and find locations 24/7!

But I still see so many companies without web sites. Even large companies delay launching their web site, sometimes for months, until it is finished - or they allow it to be taken down completely during an over-haul. Bad idea. Don't be a gap in the web! Your potential clients are looking for your web site!

Did you know that delaying the launch of your web site - or taking it down for a period - could lower your Google rankings? Get your web site up ASAP, even if it is only one page. Keep your site up even if it is "being over hauled" or "redesigned".

At Back2Front, we can help. We will get your first page up in a matter of days, and then design and build your web site incrementally. We manage your large web site so that it never has to be taken down. We make sure that your potential clients don't find a "gap in the web" when looking for your company!

  - Candace Carter

Coping with Email Spam
Email Spam is a complex topic, but knowing a little about it will help you cope.

What is spam?
E-mail spam is defined as "unsolicited commercial e-mail", also known as "bulk e-mail" or "junk e-mail". It is characterized by nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by e- mail. E-mail spam has existed since the beginning of the Internet, even before web sites "as we know them" came into being, and has grown to about 90 billion messages a day.

Who is generating all this spam mail?
Fewer than 200 spammers send about 80% of the spam. The people mostly responsible are criminals in the US, Russia, China, South Korea, Nigeria, and Eastern Europe.

Why do they send spam?
Spam is primarily a medium for criminals to defraud users. Many different scams are tried. You may wonder how anyone could make money with spam since these scams are public knowledge and people have learned to avoid them. However, spam fraud is a numbers game, and if hundreds of thousands of attempts can be made for very little cost and effort, even if only a small percentage of the scams actually work, that translates into significant money. Spam can also be used in "denial of service" attacks on a particular company's email servers. Such attacks send so much email to the server that it is overwhelmed and cannot service its intended clients. This could be simple maliciousness, or someone with a vested interest in the failure of a company could hire a hacker for this purpose.

Is it just me or is it getting worse?

Read on...
Domain Names - part 3
Using multiple domain names to promote your web site.

Did you know that it is possible to have any number of domain names pointing to the same web site?
With the correct DNS settings on your domains - you can!
Why would you want to?

Using multiple domain names, or multiple versions of your domain name, you can promote your web site in multiple languages, promote to multiple target markets, and use more key words than is possible with only one domain name. Also you can do things like keep old customers while changing your brand or buy out a company and keep their clients! As well, you can advertise specific products or services within your product line separately, or promote a sales event.

Registering multiple domain names used to be expensive, but now with the prices down to reasonable levels why not take advantage of some of the very good reasons to have more than one?
Read the full original article...
In this section we will show you examples of the best or the worst in web site design from around the World Wide Web.

The City of Mississauga has a very large and active web site. The main design challenge with such a site is organizing the information in a logical and intuitive manner so that people can find what they are looking for. Keeping the information fresh and updated is also a significant challenge.

Over all this web site does a pretty good job, considering the vast quantities of content found here. To improve this site I would recommend grouping like items as much as possible. Grouping related items helps the visitor to locate items quickly without having to read through every item on the page.

The home page is a bit over whelming, but it is divided neatly into 3 columns, which helps to lead your eye down the page in each column rather than just jump all over the place.

However, I would like to see a theme for each column so that I could anticipate what types of things I will find in each column. The left column could be events, the right column for popular services, and the centre for news and FAQs and search functions. Currently these types of items are placed somewhat randomly across all 3 columns, which make this page more difficult to use than it needs to be.

The good news is that the search function actually appears to work on this site. (This is more rare than you might expect.)

New Staff
We have hired 4 new staff members - all men this time so Back2Front is now a bit more balanced in the gender mix with 7 men and 11 women on staff. We look forward to the increased capacity and we will be able to introduce a few new services to our clients shortly due to their help.

New Phone System
Also we are implementing a new phone system shortly, with a free calling number, using voice over IP (internet technology). Our clients will be able reach our staff more easily, and leave messages for individual staff members using only one phone number. We hope that the customer service experience will be improved as a result. I will be sending out an interim newsletter describing the new phone service and revealing the new phone number as soon as the system is in place.

Here are a few of our most recent clients and their respective web sites:

You can check out Our Portfolio page for more examples...
Please let me know how you like this newsletter, or if you have suggestions for future issues. I would love to hear from you!

Candace Carter
Back2Front - The Web Site People

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