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July 2007 - Vol 1, Issue 4
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Hello Candace Carter,

Improving your web site's search engine ranking could mean the difference between getting on the first page of the search results and being buried on page 29.

Did you know that an active web site - one that is updated regularly - may be ranked higher by search engines than one that isn't?

Did you know that larger web sites - those with more relevant text content - may be ranked higher than small ones?

We recommend updating your web site content at least once per quarter. Back2Front makes updating your web site easy: Just send us an email with your changes or new content and it will be on your web site lickity split!

The price is nice too: Updates are covered by your management fee and are charged a per-page handling fee of only $5 each. New pages can be added at any time, also for a flat fee regardless of content.

If there is anything new in your business - or if you have information that would benefit your clients or tempt your prospects - add it to your web site!

  - Candace Carter
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We are hiring again at Back2Front.
We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator and a Programmer.
If you would like a part-time, work-from-home opportunity, and sloppiness is just not in your vocabulary, you could have what it takes to be a part of our team!
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Domain Names (Part Two )
Domain Scooping - Don't get fooled!

For most people, domain name registration, and renewal is something done only rarely (once per year - max) so it is predictable that the details of the registration could be forgotten in the interval. Unscrupulous companies can take advantage of this if you are not aware.

Read on...
Web site promotion sometimes means old fashioned marketing.

Is your web site address on your email signature? Your business card? Your brochure? Your letterhead? Your voicemail message? Your advertising? In your store? On your receipts?

Adding your web site address to everything that is seen by your prospects or your customers is a cheap and effective way to promote your web site!
In this section we will show you examples of the best or the worst in web site design from around the World Wide Web.
What's Good:
Nice presentation, appropriate graphics, lots of info, but not busy, looks polished, professional, neat and tidy.
This site is consistent from page to page in fonts, colours, styles, and navigation.
Content and Layout
Pages are divided into sections for different types of content (sponsors versus site content) making it very clear to the visitor which is which.
The site is browser compatible, is well optimized for search engines, and functions as expected.
What can be improved:
Although not as bad as most of the sites I see, the navigation is not as good as it could be.
Current page indicator
The page that you are currently on is not indicated on the menu - and it should be. Highlighting the menu item of the page currently being read gives vital clues to the reader about where he is on the site and where he can go next to find out more.
Incomplete Menu
There are "in-page" links (links not found on the menu) that can be confusing to the reader and force her to hunt down content inside pages that really should be accessible from the menu. For instance, the page where you join up (the whole point of the web site) is not actually available from the menu!
Multiple or Split menu
The likely reason for the in-page links and the (nonsensical) positioning of 2 links at the top right hand corner (FAQ and Site Map), is that with a horizontal menu bar you just run out of space to put more than a few menu items. This is why at Back2Front we recommend a side bar menu for all but the smallest web sites.
The grey text is a bit too light on this white background. On some monitors with low contrast, this text may be difficult to read.
All in all, I give this site 4 out of 5 stars .

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Candace Carter
Back2Front - The Web Site People
phone: 905 649 6671

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