April 2009 - Vol 3, Issue 2
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In January's newsletter I talked about the recession. Well you sure wouldn't know there is a recession judging by us! March has been a record breaking month for Back2Front and as a result we have decided to hire more staff to help us keep up with the workload.

If you know anyone in the GTA with web skills and an excellent command of the English language, please send them to our Employment Page.
We could really use the help!

Referral Program ends May 1st!
We are so busy that I hesitate to remind you about this but...
Our referral program (for Back2Front clients only) is on until May 1st!

If you have not done it yet
(or even if you have)
refer someone now
and get $100 credited to your Back2Front account when they sign up!

Candace Carter

Search Engine Optimization Demystified
Part 3 - Road Blocks to Search Engines :
In this, the third article in this series, I will explain how search engines can be prevented from ever getting to your site and how they can be restricted from parts of your web site through bad web development practices. This results in poor search engine ranking and low natural search traffic levels.
Read the rest of the article to learn more...

At my speaking events I am often asked something like: "My marketing guys keep telling me that I should be blogging. Do I really have to?"

The question arises because blogging can take enormous amounts of time and there are valid doubts as to its positive effect on ROI as a consequence. As with any marketing effort one must calculate the cost/benefit ratio to decide if it is worthwhile. My advice is that if you (or your staff) are already writing material for other reasons that can be re-purposed for use in a blog, then setting up a company blog may be worthwhile.

However, there may be an even better way. Rather than have your own blog (which will need constant input) why not contribute to other people's blogs? This can succeed on 2 levels:
  • First you borrow audience from the efforts of others.
  • Second, you will be able to create valuable link-backs to your web site.

    Remember that the more links to your web site from other sources (including blogs) the more important your web site will seem to Google and the higher your Google ranking will be.

    Look for blogs that seem to have a good following (lots of comments from readers) and that are in your field of interest. When you are able to contribute to the discussion with a tip, or a correction, or to answer a question - do so and include a link to your web site (for more details). Do not be tempted to simply post infomercials, your input must be relevant and not strictly sales oriented - or you will risk having your contribution removed.
    Happy blogging!
    Have you been getting weird emails sent from the form on your web site? An unusual number of emails in a short time and/or the content is gibberish? If you have, you are not alone. These emails are strange because the one filling out the form is not a person but a piece of automated software (a robot). Black hat programmers have been busy writing code to annoy the rest of us - again.

    CAPTCHA: Telling Humans and Computers Apart Automatically
    A CAPTCHA is a program that attempts to protect websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but computer programs cannot. For example, humans can usually read distorted text as shown below, but current computer programs have trouble. At Back2Front we prefer to ask a simple question that humans find easy but robots find very hard rather than use a visual acuity test - since humans often have trouble reading distorted text too.

    Common uses for CAPTCHA are:
  • Preventing comment spam in blogs.
  • Protecting website registration.
  • Protecting email addresses from scrapers.
  • Online polls.
  • Preventing dictionary attacks on passwords.

    To read more about CAPTCHA check out www.captcha.net

    Back2Front can add a CAPTCHA to any form on your web site - just ask!
  • Come and see us! You are welcome to attend any of our public events. Most are free or at nominal cost. Registering on the organization's web site (link provided) is always appreciated.

    April 2nd- Marketing on the Internet
    Enterprise Toronto
    Thursday April 2 at 10am - 12pm
    North York Civic Centre 5100 Yonge Street, Lower Level

    April 21st - 10 Biggest Website Mistakes
    Toronto Talks
    Tuesday April 21st at 7 p.m.
    Metro Hall, 55 John Street, Room 314

    May 14th - E-Commerce - Selling directly from your web site
    Markham Small Business Enterprise Centre
    Thursday May 14th, from 6:30 to 8:30pm
    1380 Rodick Road, Suite 100, Markham
    Economic Development Department, Town of Markham

    May 27th - Fostering Relationships Via Your Web Site
    Enterprise Toronto
    Wednesday May 27th at 10am to 11:30am
    Scarborough Civic Centre 150 Borough Drive

    Invite Back2Front to speak at your event!
    From short information sessions to detailed technical web site presentations, friendly roundtable discussions or expert panels, our talks can be tailored to your needs. All sessions include some specific information about Back2Front - none will be a Back2Front sales pitch.
    Presentations are offered free of charge to qualified audiences. Contact us at presentations@back2front.ca to reserve your preferred date and time.
    Here are a few of our most recent clients and their respective web sites:

    Check out Our Portfolio page for more examples...
    Please let me know how you liked this newsletter, or if you have suggestions for future issues. I would love to hear from you!

    Candace Carter
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